Which Hosting Environment Is Best For Your Website?

Hi everyone, I’m Chris with Tiny Frog Technologies, the hosting maintenance manager here. And today I want to talk to you a little bit about hosting options.

There are quite a few hosting options out there, the first one being shared hosting. Now, shared hosting is kind of like renting an apartment with friends. You share pretty much everything. And the pros and cons of that is,  it’s simple, it’s affordable. The cons – well there’s a lot of web sites on the same server and you don’t have full control over this server.

The next option would be a VPS which is a virtual private server. This is more like condo living. You still share with others except you have your own dedicated space. But you’re still responsible for your unit so this means CPU time and memory you’re sharing but your disk space you’re not sharing. Pros and cons – well, pros, it’s more powerful than shared hosting, usually better performance and faster loading times. The cons are of course higher cost, sometimes more technical setup is involved in the process.

The third hosting option I would like to bring up is dedicated hosting. This is like owning your own house so all resources belong to you, you don’t share anything, everything is yours. The pros to that is you have full control over the server, great performance. Cons are the higher cost and higher responsibility.

There’s another option which would be cloud hosting. Now, cloud hosting is an entirely different living environment. This is more like renting with normal hosting that gives you resources, memory, and CPU time. You don’t have a machine, your hardware’s virtual which makes the cost pretty efficient. The pros to this is it’s cheaper than most, you only pay for what you use. The cons are it takes advanced knowledge in IT, so be aware of this when considering cloud hosting. It’s also less secure and can be vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Now here at Tiny Frog, we offer what is called a managed hosting. Now, managed hosting would be like town home living. You share some areas, but not everything. It’s affordable shared hosting with limited websites per secured server. And we also offer dedicated servers where you have your own secure server.

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Which Hosting Environment Is Best For Your Website?
Which Hosting Environment Is Best For Your Website?