What Is Domain Flipping? – Domain Profits Boss Review

What Is Domain Flipping? - Domain Profits Boss Review
Making money online can be difficult. Starting up a site is no fun, but with domain flipping all you need to do is buy a domain and sell it. No site setup required. No articles. Nothing. Domain Profits Boss will show you exactly how to make money using this method.
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Making money without setting up a site sounds wonderful, and it can be wonderful. I have a couple of friends who make money using the domain flipping method. One makes a sizable amount of money through it, and one makes enough to justify buying 40-50 domains and sitting one them for many years.

In fact, I was in a position myself to make a good chunk of money through website flipping just recently! Unfortunately, I did not make that money. Here’s why.

I purchased SweetCrate.com about 3 years back because I was planning on starting a monthly candy box delivery service. Long story short, to stay competitive I would have had to sell at a loss, but I decided to keep the domain for a couple of years.

Just this past year I decided to let it go, but now it’s worth over ,000! To say the least, I am kind of angry about it. I let a cool 2 grand go right through my fingers because I didn’t have the foresight to sell it online the two years I held on to it.

If I had known about domain flipping, then I could have made a good payment on my student loans. Domain Profits Boss will help you understand domain flipping better, and it also includes a tool to help find profitable domain names!

Domain Profits Boss: Helping You Learn How To Flip Domains

This product will help anybody interested in making a little money on the side. Yes, that’s a large and vague group, but anybody can do this. You buy domains that are – (cutting back on drinks for 2 or 3 days covers the cost), and can make your money back on 10 domains if you only sell one. That’s a 90% failure rate, but you still can make money. 

This isn’t an exaggeration. Just look at my example. I bought some random domain name that I thought was relevant to the niche I wanted to enter for ~, and now it is worth over 00! Not every domain that sales will sell for 00, but sell it for a 1/20 of that and you have broke even.
Now what does Domain Profits Boss do? Well, its 5 courses help you learn how to flip domains.
More specifically, the 1st course is a training course on website flipping done by two veteran flippers!
The 2nd course teaches you about the industry works and how to make a profit in the industry. Again, taught by people making serious money. (See below to find some examples of the product creator, Gene Pimentel, making money on domain flipping.)
In the 3rd course Gene teaches you how to make money domain flipping quickly.
The 4th course is actually a domain sales page. Gene provides you with a template so that you can have a comprehensive list of the domains you are selling. It takes all of a few seconds to set up.
Gene will teach you how to make hundreds off of websites through his method in his last course.
As a bonus he is including a software that helps you find what domains you can sell profitably.
He is giving you all you need to know to start buying and selling domain names for a profit.Here’s what is included when you buy Domain Profits Boss:
Expert Flips Course that teaches how to buy cheap domains and realistically make , 7, or more! (Remember I had the opportunity to make over 00!)
Domains To Gold Course that teaches you about the industry and how to make money flipping sites
Same Day Domain Profits Course that teaches you how to make a quick buck with flipping domains
Instant Domainer provides the Instant Domainer system which helps you display your domains for sale.
Local Domain Empire Course wherein Gene will teach you how to reliably make money flipping domains using domains
BONUS: Domain Hunter Software helps you search for domains you can make money selling (Make sure they still have the bonus!)

Conclusion: Anybody Can Make Money Domain Flipping
Domain Profits Boss will help a lot of people understand how to make money website flipping. Again, the great thing about domain flipping is that you can have a 90% failure rate and still make money. It isn’t unrealistic to make around 0 selling a domain name.

What Is Domain Flipping? – Domain Profits Boss Review