We’re Hosting TOURNAMENT | JOIN TODAY | PUBG Mobile [Hindi]

We're Hosting TOURNAMENT | JOIN TODAY | PUBG Mobile [Hindi]
The tournament is hosted by Destructive Dominators with cash prize too. Watch the video to know more about it and Join their server to register your team https://discord.gg/QPNDJbx

Join my Discord : https://discord.gg/fE68pb4
How to Download PUBG Mobile chinese : https://youtu.be/aOKoF7zDwas

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PUBG Mobile:
ign(Global version) : SilverWolf47
ign(Chinese version) : SilverWolf2
2nd channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbxWu4GCBcVAaK60I-Z2mBw



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We’re Hosting TOURNAMENT | JOIN TODAY | PUBG Mobile [Hindi]

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  1. Join our tournament and yes there is cash prize too. No fee, no strings attached, just join and play that's all 😊

  2. Hey i have an question
    In your video in your friend section where you invite your friends for matches you have 303 friends and it is only limite to 200

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