Update + How To Set Up A Domain In ClickFunnels 2018

Update + How To Set Up A Domain In ClickFunnels 2018
How To Set Up A Domain In ClickFunnels 2018
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In this video I explain how to set up a domain in ClickFunnels in 2018. With everything changing day by day in ClickFunnels, I felt that it was necessary to bring to the YouTube world how to do this simple process.

Most people think setting up a domain in ClickFunnels is hard, but its actually quite easy.

You don’t have to worry as this video shows you how to do this step by step without any confusion.

You just need your domain’s DNS records and then point the CNAME to target.clickfunnels.com…but don’t worry if that seems too complicated, I show you how to do this using name.com

I also give you an update on where I have been these last few months.

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Update + How To Set Up A Domain In ClickFunnels 2018

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