2 thoughts on “Think of this BEFORE you build a website.”

  1. I know a guy who sells storytelling and scenarios and other such work to museums and organisations. He has never had a website and has been in business since 2003-ish. Never had a SoMe-profile either. Pure referrals. It's an extreme example, I know, but it is sometimes good to be reminded that private business owners actually managed to find customers before the age of the Internet.

    As regards the excuse to tinker with a website instead of going out and getting customers, I think that is the worst enemy – esp. of small business owners. I see it really often with clients who are obsessively focused on the color of their header but do not have a single well-defined product or service to sell. I fall into the trap myself sometimes, when there is an ebb of clients.

  2. Thanks man! Great information there. I'll need to reach out to you to see where to go next. This was by far my favorite video. Keep up the great work!

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