Software Security : Tonex Training

Software Security : Tonex Training
#Software #Security Training course introduces you to an assortment of themes in software security, for example, secure programming methods, trusted computing infrastructure, low level software assaults, wen security, hazard administration strategies, representative execution, and cloud/remote/cell phone security.

This seminar will show you extraordinary arrangement of information about trusted computing infrastructure (TCI), process nodes, trusted platform module (TPM), software integrity, data integrity and protecting credentials included in platform security.


IT professionals in the areas of software security
Cyber security professionals, network engineers, security analysts, policy analysts, Security operation personnel, network administrators, system integrators and security consultants
Security traders to understand the software security of web system, mobile devices, or other devices and more.

Training outlines:

Computer Security Principles
Secure Programming Techniques
Trusted Computing Infrastructure (TCI)
Low Level Software Security Attacks and Protection
Web Security
Secure Design Principles
Risk Management
Statistical Analysis
Symbolic Execution
Penetration Testing
Cloud Security
Data Security and Privacy (DAP)
Wireless Network Security
Mobile System Security (MSS)
Hands-on and In-Class Activities
Sample Workshops Labs for Software Security Training

Finally, the software security basics training will introduce the versatile framework security ideas, for example, portable program security, confirmation of cell phones, cell phone administration, malware location methods in versatile administration and dynamic/static cell phone examination.

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Software Security Training

Software Security : Tonex Training