Setting up and Hosting a Meet-n-Greet

Setting up and Hosting a Meet-n-Greet
Cool t-shirts and a great cause here:

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“Survivalist Family – Prepared Americans for a Strong America”

Setting up and Hosting a Meet-n-Greet

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  1. In the Lake of the Ozarks area. Anybody else? Meet up? BBQ at the Lake, public beach 1 or 2?

  2. Great greet up, meet up. Team up, buddy up. Two are better than one. A cord of 3 can not be broken.

  3. When u ask that question my answer is best people I can find witch would be at church but,people at church say God will provide so they do nothing to prepare most the time harsh reality.

  4. Thanks for the helpful information as well as tiny details, I wish you all lived closer to us in NYC. God bless and Keep on Viking On! 😁

  5. My neighbors are getting eaten alive in any crisis they're all old and feeble and liberals

  6. Good morning Pastor Joe, thank you once again for your invaluable support of Bethany Children's Home Chiang Rai Thailand. We hope to have news from the home this next week or so with many things happening here. Today's video is awesome many many great points well made and as always fantastic prep advice, as they say forewarned is forearmed and people in all four corners of the world need to prepare for eventuality's. World debt continues to climb and it is only a matter of time before a reset of currency is necessary and at that point in time millions of people will be financially wiped out with a state of chaos ensuing with millions unable to survive without cash or indeed food and water. GT

  7. I grew up in Joplin, and my last name is Cox! Hahaha that's a funny coincidence, brother!

  8. Come on folks only 198 people have bought the shirt out of 92k subscribers. Right now that equivocates to 2k-3k dollars raised give and take cost and money transfers. This is not a lot of money in impoverished countries, you might think otherwise. Take for instance in Haiti it took 5k a month just to cover cost of living for fifty children and ten Haitian staff at an orphanage.

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