Security / Web Cams (Gotcha!)

Thank you Google / YouTube for making STREAMING LIVE on YouTube possible and totally for free.

Started 06 DEC 17:
A stream of our Feral Cat Colony’s eating area.

We are waiting for the liars of Amazon Logistics to deliver packages they claim were undeliverables. LIARS.

I am here 24/7/365 days of the year for the most part and somewhat disabled.

It was my sons packages.

His home was flooded during Harvey and he is back with us full time. Still waiting for his home to be repaired.

We have asked Amazon Logistics over and over to put packages in a container we have by the US Postal Mail box, and they refuse. They drop them where the Feral’s dine. Now they are refusing to deliver, claiming, “Undeliverables”. That is one big mouth full of BRAVO SIERRA they are spewing.

We will also watch to see who the culprit is that keeps knocking the food bowls over and trying to get into the tied down food bin. We think it is Raccoons that reside in the inner city of Houston, TX. Nother reason Amazon should NOT leave packages in the colony’s exterior (g) dining room.

For best viewing experience, use Google Chrome or Firefox. There is sound. Make sure your speakers are not on too loud.

There is sound. Make sure your speakers are not on too loud.

[ NOTE: This live stream is public. You can create an unlisted or private stream to keep your cam locations private from the public’s view. ]
Security / Web Cams (Gotcha!)
Security / Web Cams (Gotcha!)