Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Domain Name Registered! Main Series Game?, Spinoff? [SPECULATION]

Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Domain Name Registered! Main Series Game?, Spinoff? [SPECULATION]
Main series Pokemon game, or a Spinoff to tide us over until Generation 8 Pokemon next year!? Let me know what you think! If this is a hoax then it’s a VERY elaborate one. At first I wasn’t convinced about the Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Pokemon Lets Go Eevee rumours but the domain names being registered by the same company that did Sun and Moons have brought me over a little bit. Remember though NOTHING HAS BEEN CONFIRMED!

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Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Domain Name Registered! Main Series Game?, Spinoff? [SPECULATION]

18 thoughts on “Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Domain Name Registered! Main Series Game?, Spinoff? [SPECULATION]”

  1. It's too late to announce a Gen VIII game now, isn't it? All the other main series games have gotten winter announcements and/or Pokemon reveals.

  2. I too believe there are spin-off titles and not core series games because they didn't announce a Pokemon Direct based on these rumored games and the reason why there not Core titles is because Tsunekazu Ishihara stated that Gamefreak is working on a core Pokemon RPG "TITLE" NOT "TITLES" for the Switch which he confirmed last year so these rumors are very much likely going to be spin-off titles and they might be digital titles and not physical kinds.

  3. I pray its Gen 8 with new Pokemon worked back into a massively revamped Kanto with a shit tonne of new areas. I cant stand Gen 7 for much longer.

  4. I like some of this, unsure about other points. I'll reserve judgement until we get more information.

  5. Honestly i'm rather indifferent to the names, if anything i'm happy that a potential 'Gen1 remake-remake' seems to be completely different in format and style rather than 'pokemon redder and bluer' and just a copy paste of previous remakes, which gen1 already has. To be honest, the lines of main series/side game seems kinda blurred anyway, since in the past a main serious game had to be on handheld, and it's obvious Gamefreak want to/have to shake up the 8 badge-linear format even in future generations – alola already did away with gym badges & hms, albeit it's still pretty linear. So I can see this being some kind of main series thing, but obviously not Gen 8 and probably a different format to previous games.

  6. I remember when the SUMO leaks were being released. The leaks got the fact that there was alola variant mons, BUT the mons they named weren't alolan in the actual games. Leakers love to sprinkle in lies so I'll believe the actual details when I see it.

  7. Pokémon Go integration does seem very likely considering the name. I guess Nintendo is trying to cash on the initial success of Pokemon go and get people to get back into it.


    me: Lavender town makes a return…. hope that music is E X T R A spooky

    Legit hope this is real I would love to play Kanto on the switch 😛
    Also they have been leaking "Pikachu / Eevee" in Pictures
    And we will Most likely get news this month sense we always get Pokemon news this month

    im guessing it's gonna be like the 21th of may for news for pokemon

  9. From what I've heard and seen, it's like the Ultra version of Gen 1 with alt evos…I like the idea of alt evos, what I don't like is the alt story especially after the disaster that was Ultra S/M (don't get me wrong, the original S/M games are my fav games but Ultra games were totally unnecessary). And well, the names are awful but I don't mind them to much…however I hope those are just the proto names

  10. This could be a test run game if it's a remake and if it works it not only gives them confirmation that this type of game is needed and it gives them more time to work in and not rush gen 8 because they proabably want that game to be absolutely groundbreaking and they want everything to be perfect because a Pokemon game could really make or break the switch if it is an amazing game like the best ever gen 8 that is then it could boost switch sales by an unbelievable amount

  11. Both are a yellow remake, Let's go Pikachu is just like yellow, you're the same protagonist of either Fire red or leaf green, your starter is Pikachu.
    Whereas in let's go eevee you're playing as the rival models blue and a female rival respectfully and story line, ahead in gyms and as the champion, Pokemon towers and the ss Anne and all that jazz and your starter instead is eevee. Both games to introduce an all new teased eeveelution that then can be transferred over to the gen 8 games where it'll primary debut, kinda the way they went with ash Greninja in the sun and moon demo. Just how I think this could happen.

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