Online Marketing Vs Work From Home Jobs

Online Marketing Vs Work From Home Jobs
Online Marketing vs Work From Home Jobs
Which one is right for you?

What’s good Wealthbuilderz it’s yah boy DeVaughn back again with another video and today we are talking about Online Marketing vs Work At Home Jobs and What’s Right For You So let’s go!!

But before we get started breaking down online marketing vs work from home jobs
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Now back to the subject at hand
Online Marketing vs Work At Home Jobs

Without getting into a long drawn out description of what online marketing is or what a work at home job is.
I’m a break it down real quick
Online Marketing provides freedom and a Work At Home Job doesn’t. This is the key difference between the two.
With a work at home job you are stuck in your home at a particular time frame and usually 5 days a week.
Online marketing you aren’t.
That is the difference between the two at their core.
The real question which one is for you.
Is online marketing a fit for you
Or should you go for working from home?
I personally like freedom.
Freedom to spend time with my kids and my wife. Freedom to spend time doing the things I want to do.
Now let’s not get it mistaken online marketing does take work and consistency and patience.
Getting a Work From Home Job doesn’t. Once your hired then all you need to be is consistent and follow the orders of your superiors.
No real freedom and there is a cap on your income indefinitely.

Now if your the type of person that needs stability and is only looking to make some money and that’s it then a work from home job is right for you.

There is nothing wrong with doing both though. I recommend doing both. If you have kids and need a stable income for the short term then get you a work from home job while marketing something online.

I can show you how I built a business online that not only helps you make money but you can provide a real sustainable income without leaving your home.

No it’s not a work at home job but like I said with our business model you can make consistent life changing income.

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Online Marketing Vs Work From Home Jobs