India may lose out on hosting ICC world cup 2023 and Champions Trophy 2021

India may lose out on hosting ICC world cup 2023 and Champions Trophy 2021
India may lose out on hosting ICC world cup 2023 and Champions Trophy 2021
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India may lose out on hosting ICC world cup 2023 and Champions Trophy 2021

6 thoughts on “India may lose out on hosting ICC world cup 2023 and Champions Trophy 2021”

  1. bekar ki bat he, ICC kabhi bhi ye nahin karega, kyun ki cricket me India se bada market puri dunia me koi country me nahin he

  2. Pay tax or get out. Why we should subsidise ICC? ICC is making a big profit in India and the money players take abroad. Pay taxes or find somewhere else.

  3. country cannot spare for gambling ipl and commercial business even lot of corporate invariable , each state involved in fooling public
    we are not fool as public be it any state lot of time paying water tax again should look lot of time water comes through lorry different place each land is used misused and often every land water is take for business and trade

    cement soil brick cannot be current construction using water only every recycling water also for drinking or for agriculutre today

    water is biggest battle in each district state , i dont know education is died or not looters from politcan to corpoates now sports club making huge thamsha this led malnutrinion so many agriculture land sold
    we cannot encorage real estate business if enggineer dont have alternative method for construction without using water then dont construct

    creat jungle maximum to get benefit of water and rain we dont get enough water first any district town sufficently cannt be more than malnutrion cannot live witthout water
    we cannot even all ow any where each state politcal party private business makers involved to loot natural wealth water we cannot allow them take out from india

    ban cricket bcci icc ipl should be penailized

    hy should now sports given highly as a scheme when whole india is fighting for water did people take interest every state district battle fights lot of water stolen from corproation from govt side to privatte corporate business makers IT ITES OFFICE SME and hotels corporate busienss lot of fight carried agriculture not even given single support
    do we need cricket we ask strongly do we need to spare our life for that saying repeatedly y people not understanding ban ipl

    for some one profit each state ground is theft and threat water scarcity is highest stage of fight in india take out cricket take somewhere cannot be performed

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