How To Make A WordPress Website 2018

Get 60% OFF Hosting Here: Welcome! In This WordPress tutorial you will how to make a wordpress step by step! In this wordpress tutorial, we are going to use the divi theme to make our wordpress website. The wordpress theme allows you to drag and drop modules and makes making a website very easy! This is a wordpress tutorial for beginners so after you watch this wordpress tutorial, you will be able to make your own website from scratch!

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Here are some timestamps to help you following along in this wordpress tutorial

3:32 – Get Hosting
7:24 – Install WordPress
11:32 – Divi Theme Download
18:34 – Creating A HomePage
36:47 – Creating A Split Screen
45:16 – Text Overlapping
57:55 – Double Split Screen
1:08:26 – Testimonials and Divi Library
1:18:30 – Advanced Design Settings
1:20:30 – Footer
1:27:30 – Additional Resources
1:32:10 – Mobile Optimization
1:35:10 – Theme Customization
1:41:15 – Divi Library
1:45:06 – About Us Page
1:56:56 – Slider
2:10:25 – Blog
2:18:06 – Contact Page
2:33:00 – Services Layout

New CSS Tutorial Will Be Available In A Few Days

You can download the services page here:
You can learn more about the image filtering and conditional logic here:
You can learn more about the conditional logic for the divi theme here:

Again, i hope this wordpress tutorial inspires you to create your own website. Once you build your website, make sure to visit my website where you can get some really amazing divi theme layouts for your website. The best part about the divi theme layouts is that they are free for you to use!

There is a small password in this divi theme tutorial which will grant you access to the layouts on my website, make sure to watch and get your access to some of these amazing layouts!

The landing page image i used is available on shutterstock here:
For more wordpress tutorials like this or to learn more on how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at
How To Make A WordPress Website 2018
How To Make A WordPress Website 2018

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  1. Hey Darrel great work as always. Could you do me a favor? Could you please do a video on how to build a Divi Musician/Artist site? Nobody ever does that! This would include a continuous music player, Woo commerce to sell your music and a lot of other goodies. I just think it would be a great idea. We are tired of being overlooked Lol. Have a good one D. Peace

  2. Hello, I love your videos, I am an affiliate marketer do you think this theme would be great or would using extra be better? I have divi.

  3. Thanks for watching! Lets get to 500 Likes! This design was created by bestdivichild. Good luck in 2018!

  4. Hi Darrel, Can you make once a video for E-commerce website with divi ? It could be possible ? Thank you

  5. Hey Darrel, something's wrong with the images download. It's giving some kind of code on the page.

  6. Hey Darrel, does this work with an existing website? I made my first website from one of your tutorials just over a year ago. I'd like to refresh my website to be more current. Can I update the theme on my current website and would I lose everything save on my current website?

  7. hi! darrel last night i just made a word press web site only fowling your tutorial !!! & keep uploading your amazing videos !!! cause your video help me lot!!!

  8. Hey Darrel. Hope you're doing well.
    Is it okay to use WooCommerce for a digital downloaded product?! I have watched your video about easy digital download but the Stripe plugin that was costing around 10$ is no longer available so i was planning to go with WooCommerce as alternative.
    Please help me out !
    Thanks for this video 😎

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