How to Make a Drag & Drop WordPress Website 2018 – BEGINNERS!

How to Make a Drag & Drop WordPress Website 2018 - BEGINNERS!
Learn how to create a website using an amazing drag n drop builder. Perfect for complete beginners or future web developers. No skills/special software required!

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1) Introduction – 00:00:00
2) Overview – 00:05:20
3) Domain & Hosting – 00:07:20 (use BONUSCODE for up to 60% off)
4) Install WordPress – 00:13:35
5) Configure WordPress Settings – 00:16:14
6) Install Theme & Plugins – 00:19:44
7) Add Pages, Static Homepage & Set Menu – 00:25:20
8) Themify Settings, Layouts & Social Media – 00:30:34
9) Important Web Design Tips 00:38:35
10) Logo, Menu, Header & Footer Styling 00:47:10

Build Homepage

11) Hero Image – 00:57:50
12) Add Featured Services – 01:20:26
13) Add Gradient, Testimonials & Particle Effects 01:26:50
14) Add Blog Posts – 01:37:54
15) Add Dual Parallax – 01:49:26
16) Add Video & Gallery 02:01:32
17) Make Mobile Responsive 02:06:14

18) About Page 02:10:54
19) Services Page 02:14:17
20) Blog Page & Sidebar 02:16:34
21) Contact Page (Contact Form & Map) 02:23:04


Hope you guys enjoyed the WordPress Website Tutorial and If you have any questions drop them down below!

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Thank you! 🙂


How to Make a Drag & Drop WordPress Website 2018 – BEGINNERS!

14 thoughts on “How to Make a Drag & Drop WordPress Website 2018 – BEGINNERS!”

  1. Great video Hogan! Been using WordPress for many years but thinking of switching over to Webflow now. It requires a bit more understanding about code and the structure of how a website is built but it pretty much has no limits when it comes to what you can create. But you definitely need som design and coding skills, but can strongly recommend to check it out if you haven't already! 👊 Cheers bro!

  2. Nice video as usual Hogan. A quick question regarding the theme. I am updating my website and i use old themify ultra theme that i downloaded from your other tutorials. Is the new themify theme you have provided in this video, a new version? Also if there will be any consequences for updating theme on my current website? It is up and running website so any information will be really helpful before taking any further steps. All the best.

  3. And also i have a problem, i want to make a website for my client but we are in different countries means am in Asia and the client is in Africa so, the problem is, when i make that web it will not be giving or pop-up some bad things???

  4. Hey Hogan,
    Thank you for teaching us, but i would like to ask you if possible there are different plugins used to put Banner Ads on wordpress website (for example: Advanced banner plungin) so, in order to make some money on our website can you help me make a video show how to customize that plugin for the wordpress website?

  5. Hogan i have been waiting for you to publish the latest. Because of you am able to design web now but i want to be making YouTube videos like you do. Is there any way you can assist especially getting found on YouTube. Keep up the good work and I remain grateful to you. You are hotttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thank you Hogan ! Been waiting for this one ! Thanks for all the correspondence and support via your support email . Loving the world of themify and WordPress !

    Please keep making videos !


  7. Amazing work Hogan. I built my first site with your 2016 parallax tutorial. Looking forward to this. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

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