How to get free domain name for website

How to get free domain name for website
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In this video we are discussing about How to get free domain name for our website for free by using freenom. Domain name and hosting these two things are extremely important to start a new website. The top level domain names like .com, .org, .in, .net, .edu, etc. Are top level domain names and it is not free. It is more costly.
Hosting is a thing, when you start your own website then it contain data like images, videos, text, audio, etc. We need to store this website data and when you buy hosting, you will got memory or space on server where you can store your data. Hosting is too costly than domain name. The domain name is get free when you purchase hosting. In you can buy hosting in web hosting section.

The is the best place from where you can get free domain name for your website. You have to select your domain name and after filling simple format form and sign up to freenom you will get free domain name. The give free domain name for a period of 12 months and after 12 months, you have to pay money. There is no single site from where you can get domain name for a life time.

The question is which domain name you should buy? Free or paid ? in my opinion if you are beginner, then you can do experiment on free domain name. It is more preferable. But if you are very serious to your website and want to make professional website, then paid domain name is more suitable.

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How to get free domain name for website