How to Build a WordPress Website with the Best Hosting, Best Plugin, Best WordPress Theme & Free SSL

How to Build a WordPress Website with the Best Hosting, Best Plugin, Best WordPress Theme & Free SSL – Go through my link to view the hosting plans & get started for .95.

Let me show you how to get your WordPress setup in under 20 seconds. Then, I walk you through how to get free SSL for your new WordPress.

As a bonus, I reveal to you the free WordPress theme and the free WordPress plugin that you can install right now for the perfect, professional website. – Click this link to view the WordPress hosting plans. If you have one site – I recommend starting out at the .95 to .95 plan. If you have more than one site, I recommend starting at the .95 plan.

As Seen in the Video:

Free Theme Plugin –

Free Elementor Plugin –

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Why you should use WordPress for your website:

It’s Free:

WordPress is a free software to download.


WordPress is open source meaning anyone can modify it or create themes and plugins. WordPress encourages the exchange of ideas, supporting each other’s websites and bettering it for everyone.

User Friendly:

As you can see from this walkthrough video – there are tons of free plugins & free themes and tutorials to help you get up and running fast.

WordPress Expansion Pack:

While the initial download of WordPress is fairly basic there are thousands of plugins to expand your experience and accomplish anything you could want for your website.

SEO Friendly:

WordPress was created to be as user friendly as possible for people with little to no coding experience. Even if you have no knowledge of coding or what search engine optimization you can still do it for your website. It was built to be as SEO friendly as possible so that people can find your site and you can grow your business.

Few Media Limitations:

Thanks to the simple design of WordPress you can easily insert all kinds of media into your website and not just have to rely on text. Not only can you post photos and video but all kinds of social media as well from Tweets and interactive maps to Soundcloud audio. It’s also extremely easy to input HTML code so the options are endless.

Good For a Blog or Website:

Over the past ten years it has evolved into a full-featured web content management system that is eager to help you design your first website or blog.

Mobile friendly:

Many themes are designed to be “responsive” or mobile-friendly, meaning your viewers won’t struggle to use your website on their smartphones. The dashboard is also designed to work on smartphones as well so you can easily manage your website from anywhere.

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How to Build a WordPress Website with the Best Hosting, Best Plugin, Best WordPress Theme & Free SSL