How to Build A Website & Using WhatsApp with Vendors

How to Build A Website & Using WhatsApp with Vendors
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Answering the 2 questions I’ve been asked recently.

These are a list of websites you can use to build your own website
& many more

These sites come with their own tutorials and step by step guides

How to Build A Website & Using WhatsApp with Vendors

7 thoughts on “How to Build A Website & Using WhatsApp with Vendors”

  1. I was a beast at making myspace pages. I use to charge people to do it. Maybe I should do websites 🤔

  2. Great video, yes inform them to be self sufficient & resourceful. Its very empowering when you do.

  3. I communicate through whats app but they always ask for my what app # where the heck do I get this from

  4. The only issue I don’t like with PayPal is that they don’t separate the money actually made as income separate from the revenue used for business purposes. So say for example I made $20,000 last year, all 20,000 didn’t go into my pocket half of that went back into my business while I may have actually made $10,000 profit. PayPal reports the $20,000 to the IRS, when you actually profited only $10,000 so it’s best to keep record of your monthly expenses so that you contest the IRS if need be. I had a co-worker that this happened to and because of PayPal he owed taxes because PayPal for whatever reason realized he made over $20,000 and reported it to the IRS, whereby the IRS audited him and he owed taxes because PayPal reported $20,000 income from his business when his revenue was actually half of that. He said it was a headache to provide to the IRS that all $20,000 was not income. Be sure to talk to a tax adviser to ensure things are set in right order for your business to avoid a costly mistake.

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