Hosting Jen on Pastebin for free

There is no need to rent a server to host your Jen XMLs. I show you how to use pastebin to host them. Im using the free version but you can read up on the site to see if you need PRO ver.
** Disclaimer I had just installed pastebin a day prior so Not a pro and learning the extra stuff it can do**
I used this free site to host my images:
To get Jen :
We have a Telegram support room that anyone can join to get help.
Once your signed up PM me @dabutcher I will send you invite. Also when you setup your telegram acct add @ info so i can invite via @name.
Plan to show you other ways to host your addon free
MAKE SURE YOU LOOK THROUGH THE README.. it will answer most questions
Hosting Jen on Pastebin for free
Hosting Jen on Pastebin for free

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