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Would you like to have the best affordable web hosting platform that will improve your website’s availability? Then you need to consider the following statistical facts: Do you know that;
1. A 1 second delay in page response causes a 7% reduction in E-commerce conversions?
2. Conversion rate increases by 74% when page load time improves?
3. A 4 seconds delay in page load results in the loss of 11.02% of page views?
4. Google uses site loading speed as a ranking factor?
5. 86% of all websites have at least one security vulnerability?
Let’s now consider the benefits of having a proven, good and reliable web hosting service:
1. Your website will load faster.
2. Your website will not go offline.
3. Your website will have good internet security.
4. You will receive good customer support service when you need it most.
I’m Samuel Olaleye and I’ll be showing the best web hosting platform for your website or blog. But first, meet Josh. He invested so much money to design and launch a website for his business. But he wasn’t getting any conversion plus he had low traffic daily rate. Then, his website hacked. He felt so bad. He wanted to renew his web hosting plan, he discovered that the price is per month but his initial payment was per month. This is more than a 400% increase. Josh couldn’t pay because he was broke, sad and disappointed. He decide to pay few month later but the web hosting company charged him 0 domain recovery fee, data recovery fee and late payment fee. Total is about 0. He was frustrated. Then he discovered this unlimited web hosting platform that gives his website a fast loading rate, good internet security and a free domain name registration. Plus there is no renewal fee for both the web hosting and domain name forever. He has no more worries about web hosting payments. He is now a happy business man who focuses on his business and rakes in huge incomes monthly.
Does this sounds familiar with you. Then you need this unlimited web hosting platform that gives you:
1. An affordable unlimited lifetime web hosting. No renewal fee.
2. A free lifetime domain name registration. No renewal fee.
3. Fast loading rate for your website.
4. Good customer service.
5. Good C-Panel and SSL. SSL means Secure Socket Layer, which is a security technology to protect your websites or blogs from hackers.
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Let’s have a web hosting talk. Truth be told, web hosting cost and prices nowadays are quite on the high side. Let’s take a look at some web hosting companies. Have you tried a “cheap” web hosting or Cpanel hosting with godaddy or ipage? Have you tried the web hosting service of Amazon, Google or other web hosting sites? Are they real really cheap? Even the cheapest web hosting per year is not cheap!
In a web hosting year as an Internet Marketer, if you do a review or comparison of some web hosting companies or hubs, you will discover that they are not cheap in any way.
Some web hosting companies offers web hosting tutorials for beginners. It’s called web hosting for dummies. Some even offers a per year web hosting. This sounds attractive right? It is just a bait to get you to signup. Once you do, you will soon discover that the renewal is a 400% increase of your initial payment. Even if you are a web hosting reseller, it is not cheap!
Let me show you an almost free unlimited web hosting with Cpanel. Yes, it is almost a free hosting and domain with Cpanel. This Unlimited Web Hosting Offers You;
1. The cheapest lifetime web hosting with free lifetime domain name registration. I mean, web hosting plus free domain name forever.
2. The best Cpanel web hosting. A truly lifetime cheap web hosting with Cpanel.
3. Cheap web hosting with SSL
4. The best web hosting for students who needs cheap web hosting with free lifetime domain.
5. Cheap web hosting and email far better than other cheap hosting sites and free domain hosting sites.
6. Cheap web hosting for wordpress.
7. Are you looking for a truly cheap web hosting with free domain in India, UK, USA or anywhere in the world, this is a lifetime unlimited web hosting and domain.
Yes, it is cheap, but it’s still the best. Click- NOW to get your own unlimited lifetime web hosting and lifetime free domain name NOW before this offer is removed.

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Cpanel Hosting GODADDY-Proven Unlimited WebHosting Free Domain Name For Life
Cpanel Hosting GODADDY-Proven Unlimited WebHosting Free Domain Name For Life