Avast Internet Security Review | Ransomware Test

Avast Internet Security Review | Ransomware Test
I take a look at Avast Internet Security, its ransomware shield and ability to block malware. Is it worth upgrading from Avast Free Antivirus?


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Avast Internet Security Review | Ransomware Test

16 thoughts on “Avast Internet Security Review | Ransomware Test”

  1. Well done Grandpa. Very instructional. I have avast premier. I hope it is worth it, as I being somewhat disabled spend a LOT of time online… 🙂

  2. I remembered I got virus, some dianostic tools and Avast were installed. So, Avast is kinda used as adware now?

  3. I have the paid vertion of avast and i only have 30 days left before the license runs out. What paid antivirus shoud i get next instead? What is the best one Leo?

  4. Hi Leo, i need your opinión or maybe posible a review of Ad-Adware 2018, for see the changes and test the new of the AV, because i see your old video of Ad-Adware of 2014 and you give a good review, in now 2018 i like a new review for you man is that you can.

    Sorry for my terrible English, and regards of Chilean. 💽👍

  5. So PC security I try downloading puzzle games (Tetris and puyo vs) and on every version and everything it keep saying there is a virus but then I open it then nothing happened for puyo it said it have a virus inside but then the result was the same I don’t know why

  6. can you please test bitdefender 2019 I can not find any tests on the internet thank you and a nice week-end oh one more question what is the better program Kaspersky or Bitdefender what is your opinion

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