Amazon S3 Hosting For Beginners Calculator – Video Course 2 OF 9

Amazon S3 Hosting For Beginners Calculator - Video Course 2 OF 9
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Hello and welcome back to Video #2 which is Calculating Your Costs for your monthly budget and potentially your yearly budget.

Ok. So now what we want to do is you want to head on over to So once you enter that you will be sent to this page and we can begin to budget your monthly and yearly costs. Now in order to do this we want to go to the left hand side and click on Amazon S3. Now it’s going to ask you to choose your region. What the region is, is basically you are going to have the option when you create your buckets to specify a region. Now I would advise you to pick a region where most of your audience is going to be. So if I feel like ok, most of my customers or prospects are going to be in the United States, I might want to choose something in the United States here. So I am just going to choose this one here.

Now Standard Storage is merely the amount of storage that you expect to use in a month, so in other words how much are you going to upload. Now realistically most of you are probably going to upload max a couple GBs. Now for those of you who are heavy users you might say a max of a 100 GB.

Now imagine this, your web hosting company, most of them, in order to upload like a 100 GB you are at least paying to 0 per month. Now look at this, if I scroll up here you can see it automatically shows you your estimated monthly bill, you only have to pay . So imagine the possibilities.

Now let’s talk about bandwidth, which is basically if you upload a 100 GB of video files, audio files, really large files and people are actually watching these videos, listening to these audio files, basically if you have a file or video file that is, let’s say for example 20 MB. If it’s 20 MB then you send, let’s say a 100 visitors who, those 100 people watch that 1 video, then it’s a 100 times 20 which is 2000, which is 2000 MB which is basically 2 GB. So in this case, I just want to show you this, we have data transfer out, data transfer in, so these 2 are the ones that you will primarily be looking at.

So let’s try to max it out, let’s say for example that we have 500 GB per month data transfer out and 500 GB in. How much is that going to cost me? per month which is not a lot of money, compared to web hosting companies that usually promise you unlimited plans and realistically there is no unlimited plan. So let’s max it out and let’s just say 500 GB out and 500 GB is. Now I will be honest, most of you will never really reach ever 300 GB in and out.

Amazon S3 Hosting For Beginners Calculator – Video Course 2 OF 9